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Wood Violet needs YOUR help!

As an animal rescue that wants to grow to help more dogs and cats we are committed to finding quality foster families and quality adoptive homes. 

Is that you or someone you know?

Contact us to get started saving animals lives:
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FREE Membership with Wood Violet Animal Rescue

This free membership for Wood Violet is to educate the public and other animal lovers on the science behind the animal.

One LIVE Group Q&A or Training with a Certified Dog Trainer

Get ready to ask ANY question you have about your dog's behavior. Once per month for one hour you will have a chance to ask a Certified Dog Trainer a question you have about a foster, your own dog, family dog, or even playtime with friends.

Community of Dog Lovers

All donors will receive access to a private Facebook group with a Certified Dog Trainer and dog lovers. In this group you can ask questions about your dog, connect with other like minded dog lovers, and have advice about your dog right when you need it.

Behind the Scenes

Wood Violet will take you behind the scenes to see what projects we're working on, how we're saving animals, and be able to voice YOUR opinion for how we can serve our animals in need best.

Dog Training Vault

Find PDF worksheets (for professional and personal use), past Live Q&A recordings, and more resources to help you with your dog.

Tax Write Off

Wood Violet Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which means any donation you give to us will be a tax write off for you.
EIN: 82-0985197


It's COMPLETELY FREE (for now!) Get grandfathered into our FREE membership.

Wood Violet is bringing love to animals lives

By contributing to our cause you will help us teach more people how to set their foster up to be the BEST they can be for their forever home. 
You will learn more about your dog so you can become an EXPERT at hearing what your dog says.
This is ONLY done in our voluntary monthly donation membership.

This INCREDIBLE offer is only available with Wood Violet Animal Rescue.
It's a no brainer, win-win for everyone.

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
-Winnie the Pooh-

Now you can help save animals AND get advice from an expert.

There is nothing else like our membership out there that gives you SO MUCH VALUE.

Your membership is FREE.


Are you looking to become a foster home in the Waukesha/Washington County area?
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